Instagram training

Group workshops

Workshops for any level of experience to delve into Instagram’s features and inspire your a-ha! moments

Instagram is a big ole tool.

Gone are the days when you could just post a pretty photo and expect a roaring response. Nowadays you’re expected to use all the tools, know the best hashtags and create mind-blowing content to be in the game.

Feel like you’re sitting on the sidelines?

Then sign up to my workshops and you’ll be an Insta-pro in no time.

The Reel Deal: how to make Reels work for your business


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Insta Story Glory: Using Instagram stories effectively


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Do the Insta hash: What are hashtags, why do you need them and how to use them

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Insta shopping: How to set up shopping from your Insta account


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Go LIVE! Using Instagram live without breaking a sweat


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After a workshop but can’t see it listed?

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