Instagram training to grow your business and turn it into your best social media marketing tool

Feeling lost with Instagram and want some direction to make it work for you?

I’ll show you how to use Instagram marketing to boost your business.

GROW your Gram programme

Grow your Gram is a 6-month 1-1 tailored training and mentoring programme for business owners who are ready to transform Instagram into your best social media marketing channel.

BOOST your Instagram knowledge

Choose from four different 1-1 Instagram training sessions that are specifically tailored to your business.

These include Instagram account reviews with clear recommendations and actions, additional support sessions or delving deeply into one area of Instagram such as reels, stories, setting up Instagram shopping or going live.

WORKSHOPS to master Instagram’s features

My Zoom workshops delve into Instagram’s huge range of features and take a deep dive into one area. Maybe you want to learn how to make Reels or create more engaging Instagram stories. I’m developing a range of Instagram workshops to upskill you and help you to feel confident using Instagram for your business.

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