Hey there, I’m Jenny


I’ll help you ditch the Instagram overwhelm and start creating some Insta-magic.

Hey there, I’m Jenny


I’ll help you ditch the Instagram overwhelm and start creating some Insta-magic.

I’ll be honest

I wouldn’t say I’m your stereotypical Instagram user.

I’m in my 40’s, I don’t really use filters and I don’t believe in striving for grid perfection.  I’m also an Instagram geek!

I believe the real Instagram magic happens when you’re 100% yourself, so you can form real connections with people.

My approach to Instagram is the same as my approach to teaching (I used to be a teacher many moons ago).

Instagram is a fantastic tool for your business

You can make it work AND still be you

You can grow your Instagram organically by implementing my recommendations

You don’t need a huge following to generate enquiries and sales for your business

Supported learning gets the best results

I won’t be happy until you succeed!

What I’ll do is teach you practical tools that you can use straight away. You’ll get to practice what you’ve learned and see positive changes in your Instagram account.

I’m not here for quick growth hacks. I’m here to teach you tools that will grow your business over time.

How I knew Instagram was my thing

When Jenny French Social began in February 2019, I was training clients in all the social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. It was in January 2021 that I decided to focus on what I loved best and where I knew I could offer the best service: Instagram.

There’s so much potential for small businesses on Instagram with a fantastic community. That’s what floats my boat about Instagram. 

Growing a loyal following on Instagram can take some time but it’s incredibly rewarding, and I believe that’s the real beauty of Instagram. It’s a friendly, supportive platform once you have your community plus it’s a blooming brilliant marketing tool for your business when you know how. Let me show you the ropes.

I love seeing results

In case you hadn’t guessed I’m a pretty hands-on trainer! Whether you’re having a BOOST session, attending a workshop or on my 6 month Grow your Gram programme, I’m always rooting for you.

I get so much reward seeing my clients’ accounts flourish and I can’t wait to see what we can do for you.

Back before Jenny French Social


It seems like a lifetime ago now but before I launched Jenny French Social, I was a primary school teacher. It was a job I loved but I just couldn’t seem to find the work/life balance I craved. So, my husband and I took a year out to travel the globe and what an adventure that was!



When we arrived home, I knew I needed to try something new, so I worked as a Business Development Manager for an education company that created a safe social platform for children to learn, create and display their achievements. I loved it!  But after 4 years I went back to teaching and looked for a new direction.

And me being me, I knew it needed to be something I loved.


New direction

In 2018 I re-trained to be a social media strategist and trainer and suddenly it all made sense. I loved social media and knew I could help other businesses understand how to use it effectively.

I found my passion and the work/life balance I needed!


The perfect match!

With a First- class honours degree in teaching and learning, a Diploma in Social Media Strategy and a Certificate in Social Media Training; I now have a business I love, amazing clients and a desire to spread the Insta magic with others.


Match made in heaven!

It turned out my teaching experience and social media training combine brilliantly to give me the skills to:

  • break down complex topics into bite size chunks
  • make my training relevant for each individual client
  • keep a close eye on you and understand where you might need more support
  • make sure you’re not chatting at the back! (Kidding, I love a good chat).

Don’t just have an Instagram presence, let’s make Instagram work for your business.