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Instagram Workshops

Group workshops to delve into Instagram’s features and inspire your a-ha moments

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Instagram Workshops for any level of experience

Instagram is a big ole tool. Gone are the days when you could just post a pretty photo and expect a roaring response. Nowadays there’s so many features and tools within Instagram it’s hard to keep up.


Feel like you’re sitting on the sidelines?

Then join the waitlists for my Instagram workshops and you’ll be on the road to Insta confidence in no time.

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The Reel World: how to make Instagram Reels work for your business

Reels have become Instagram’s fastest growing feature worldwide and they show no sign of disappearing.

It’s time to add reels to your content mix to increase your visibility and reach for your business. Including them as part of your content is becoming a must for most businesses.

During the 2-hour online workshop you’ll learn:

  • How Reels have changed Instagram and why you need to be using them
  • How to use the Instagram app to create a Reel
  • Do’s and Don’ts and handy tips for making Reels
  • Ideas and inspiration for Reels you could create
  • Plan your next Reel.

Ideal for:

  • Beginners who are not currently using reels but would like to
  • Dabblers who have tried them but want to gain more confidence and skills.
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Insta Story Glory: Unlock the power Instagram Stories can have on your business

With 500 million people using Instagram Stories every day are you making the most of them? I’m not just talking about sharing your post to your stories but using them to build relationships and convert your audience.

During the 2-hour online workshop you’ll learn:

  • Why Instagram Stories NEED to be part of your content on Instagram
  • How Stories content differs from your other content and what makes them special
  • How to create engaging Stories using the many features within the app
  • Content ideas for Stories
  • The importance of Story Highlights and what to put in them
  • How to Story like a pro to build relationships, trust and convert your audience

Ideal for:

  • Those not sure how to use Stories
  • Those currently using Stories without any direction, just random storying
  • Those who want to be more strategic about their Stories to convert their audience.

After a workshop but can’t see it listed?

I’d love to hear what Instagram topics you’re interested in.

Just drop me a line and I’ll see if there’s something coming up.

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Unlock the power of Instagram for business to get more clients and customers

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Unlock the power of Instagram for business to get more clients and customers