Transform your Instagram with a 6-month Instagram training and mentoring programme

Instagram marketing doesn’t have to be a mystery

Grow your Gram is my 6-month, 1-1 tailored Instagram training programme which will show you how you can turn Instagram into your best social media marketing tool.

What you’re feeling now

Let’s be honest, as a business owner you’re juggling a lot of balls. And the confusing world of social media marketing is an added stress.

You just want to make Instagram work for your business, but you don’t know where to start.

You’re feeling lost with Instagram but at the same time you know that’s where your customers hang out, so you need to be on there. Help!

Let’s face it. It’s just not working and it’s time to reach out for some expert advice.

Just imagine…


Feeling confident using all the different features of Instagram


Having an Instagram strategy and being able to implement it for your business 


Knowing what to post to move your business forward


Building a community of loyal fans


Nurturing relationships with your followers to sell your products and services


Having more brain space to work on other parts of your business


Receiving 1-1 support and guidance every step of the way

Finding your feet with Instagram won’t happen overnight but I know you’re going to enjoy the transformation.

“Jenny has helped me position myself and my business on Instagram, given me the confidence and structure to get visible for my business and has taken me step by step through the whole platform, sets me tasks and objectives after every call to complete for accountability purposes. This 100% works for me as I need the accountability.

Jenny has displayed a level of commitment to me and my business during this program that it feels like I have a 1:1 business coach who mentors me on my Instagram content and challenges me every month with new skills to move my business forward step by step. She has been my cheerleader throughout the programme.”


Susan Ollerton, So Socially

What you’ll learn on the Grow your Gram programme


During your 1-1 programme you’ll learn:


What to post, how often, when and where as part of your Instagram strategy

How to grow a loyal, engaged following who support your business

How to use all of Instagram’s tools and features

How to turn your Instagram followers into paying customers

And it’s all tailored to you and your business.

No cookie cutter templates or off-the-shelf ideas, I’ll give you advice that’s specific to your business needs so we can get results.

The work I’ve undertaken with Jenny has not only saved my business, it has taken it to the next stage of development and it continues to grow.  Prior to working with her I felt lost when it came to social media.  My lack of knowledge and confidence was resulting in a lot of time wasted thinking and stressing about what I should be doing and then either doing nothing or putting out a random post to then feel even more disillusioned by the lack of engagement.

I contemplated doing something like for over a year before I started working with Jenny.  My only regret is that I didn’t start working with her sooner.

The time and investment I’ve put in has paid off and continues to no end.

Emma Whiteley, MTW Fitness

Here’s what’s included in the programme

Over the 6 months we cover all things Instagram including:

  • Strategy
  • Engagement
  • Tools, features and placements

Then we tie it all together to grow your Instagram account.

And the best bit: it’s just you and me, so you’re getting tailored advice for your business to meet your goals.

The programme includes:


A kick-off call to define your goals for the 6-month programme


An Instagram review of your account. This gives us a baseline to work from so we can track your future progress. It identifies what’s working on your account, what’s not and how to optimise it.


8 x 2 hour 1-1 training sessions via Zoom specific to your needs and goals delivered in a friendly and supportive way 


Creating a content strategy that will clear your ‘what-to-post’ headaches and save you tons of time


An understanding of how to create content that will resonate with your audience


The secret recipe to growing your Instagram audience organically (and we aren’t just talking follower numbers)


A recording of your Zoom sessions to re-watch whenever you wish 


Resources, checklists and links to supporting documents


A realistic set of actions at the end of each Zoom session which you’ll implement with my continued support


Ongoing 1-1 mentoring and support between Zoom sessions via DM or email. I’ll be checking how you’re getting on so you can ask questions as we go and to ensure your next 1-1 session is tailored to where you’re at. I go at your pace but will keep you on track to meet your goals


Access to me and my brain to pick whenever you need throughout the 6 months 

Testimonial (agree which with Jenny)

For more information about the Grow your Gram programme, just complete your details on the form below and it’ll be with you in a jiffy.

Meet Jenny

I’m Jenny, your teacher, mentor, accountability partner (I’m firm but fair!), your biggest fan and your no. 1 supporter. This programme has a lot of 1-1 time with me, so you’ll be hearing from me often! 

The thing that motivates me every day is knowing that my clients are growing their business thanks to my support, Instagram strategies and encouragement. To me that’s as satisfying as a slice of gooey chocolate cake and I don’t think I could be happy doing anything else.

I don’t blame you if you’re not sure about investing in an Instagram programme, there are so many dodgy courses out there all offering big promises and delivering nada. Trust me, I’ve seen them all.

That’s why I created Grow your Gram – I wanted a programme that would deliver results. Real results. And that’s why I made it a 6-month investment for me and for you. 

I don’t want you to walk away after a few weeks and not be able to implement all the great information I can teach you. I want you to be supported for long enough to know Instagram like the back of your hand, so you can take it to the next level.

I believe Instagram can be an empowering business tool, not an overwhelming suck on your time. And that’s what I want to teach you.

By the end of Grow your Gram you’ll:


Feel confident and in control of your Instagram marketing 


Have a clear Instagram strategy that gets results


Know how to post great content your followers will love


Use your time more effectively


Know how to use all the different features of Instagram (grid, stories, Reels, Live, Guides, Shopping)


Have built a relationship with your followers 


Have reached the Instagram goal you set at the start of the programme


Enjoy using Instagram


So much more!

And of course, you get to relax knowing your Gram is under control, rather than it controlling you.

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I only take on 1 new Grow your Gram client each month, so if you’re ready to boost your business using Instagram, don’t delay. If I have space, you can start your programme now or jump on the waitlist today for my next available spot.

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Here are a few popular FAQ’s. You can find more information in the

Grow your Gram brochure. If you’d like a copy just fill in your details on the form below and I’ll wing it across to you.


What’s the investment for Grow your Gram?

To find out how much the Grow your Gram programme costs just fill in your details in the form below and I’ll send you the full brochure. The brochure has more information about the programme, more FAQ’s and the total investment to get Insta-confidence for your business.

Is this suitable for beginners?

Grow your Gram is suitable for any stage of experience and any size of audience as this is tailored to your business. I’ll take you from where you are now and help you to transform your Instagram account.

Will Grow your Gram help me get sales?

This will depend on a few factors and results will vary depending on how established your current Instagram account is, the amount of work you put into the programme and what you’re selling.

I am always completely honest and will let you know if this is likely to work for your business or not. This is something we’d talk about during the ‘Grow your Gram chat’ (follow the link in the email to book your chat).

If you commit to implementing what I teach you and put in the time to build your Instagram account, then you can watch the sales grow over time. If you’re expecting sales immediately then <uh-uhhhh>, this is the wrong programme for you

Is this right for my business?

Don’t worry, I’ll help you figure this out.

After reading the brochure we’ll schedule a ‘Grow your Gram chat’ to discuss it in more detail. I’ll be completely honest with you and tell you if this isn’t right for your business. This approach doesn’t work for all businesses, and I’ll be very clear if I don’t think it will work for you. There is no flopping on my watch!

Have a browse through the rest of these FAQ’s as they may help you answer some questions you have at this stage.

Do we meet face to face?

All the sessions are delivered via Zoom with recordings sent to you after the session. This means I can work with businesses across the UK and overseas.

So, while we won’t meet over coffee, it does mean we can wear our fluffy slippers and get comfy when we chat.

What do we do in the Zoom sessions?

In the first 3 months of the programme, we create a content strategy and start to learn how to use the various features of Instagram.

In the final 3 months you’ll be implementing your strategy and making revisions where needed. We’ll add in more Instagram skills to your repertoire and there will be more of an emphasis on building relationships with your community.

I’ll be in contact with you between sessions via DM/WhatsApp/email, so I can see how you’re getting on and tailor the next session to ensure you’re stretched but not overwhelmed. I go at your pace but we’ve always got our eye on those goals.

How many followers will I have at the end?

This isn’t a programme to gain huge amounts of random followers that you just collect for vanity reasons.

Random followers serve you no purpose; they don’t engage with your content or buy your products/services. So, they’re not coming in the door!

The aim of this programme is to grow your Instagram following with the ‘right’ followers, those that will engage with you and become loyal fans.

There’s no mathematical equation to tell you what your growth will be – it depends on many factors, for example what industry you’re in, who your ideal customer is and your commitment to producing consistent, quality content for them.

All this will be covered during the programme.

Don’t forget, if you’d like more information just get in touch and I’ll send you the complete Grow your Gram brochure.

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